Pizza Logistics ~ noun (Piz·za Lo·gis·tics)
The detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, toppings, cheeses, and dough.

a.k.a. One of the most challenging problems in Retail

We are solving the most challenging retail opportunities with advanced technology solutions.   

We Are Creating Open Source Technology Solutions for the Retail Industry. We Are Cooking Up Something Tasty!

Advanced Analytics

We are breaking down barriers to allow you turn insights into action with speedy fast delivery!

Data Consolidation

We are building systems to help you integrate your existing data and providers for compounding insights and accuracy!

Product Information Management

Simple open source product information management for all of your toppings (or other seasoned products). 

Our Story

Brent Longenecker loves pizza.

After making his signature New York-style pizzas for a party, and forgetting to plan how he would transport the fresh pizzas, Brent discovered why some companies have gone as far as designing their own pizza cars. Pizza logistics is one of the most challenging retail problems. 

Brent is seeking to solve the most challenging problems in retail.

Brent has implemented retail Product Information Management (PIM) systems, Digital Shelf Monitoring Tools, Advanced Analytics Systems, and Operations Automation Software globally with retail manufacturers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to fresh Start Up’s.

A seasoned marketer, Brent led the pilot launch of the Sam’s Club Member2Member Marketplace, designed to help Sam’s Club small business owners reach the broader Sam’s Club customer base. At, Brent managed fashion jewelry vendors, launched the Smart Jewelry product category, and helped scale vendor adoption of the Amazon Advertising Platform. Two years ago, he shifted his focus to helping retail vendors and suppliers adopt emerging technologies to move at the speed of eCommerce. Brent believes in the power of automation and collaborative systems.

At the end of the day, it’s all Pizza Logistics!

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